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The National Opera House (NOH) is a nonprofit organization based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Our primary mission is to preserve the arts, culture, and music in underserved communities. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

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History - National Opera House

The Tea Room will represent the endurance of historical reasoning. The original Opera House had a Tea Room that served as a social gathering place to build relationships and share ideas after a hard day of training and practice. The modern day Opera House chooses to carry on that tried and true tradition to support that same camaraderie within the community.

  • This important room will once again continue its valued tradition while the Tea Room is used as a performance venue and rehearsal space for the modern day programs of the Opera House. During the original reign of the National Negro Opera House, patrons would come to the Tea Room to enjoy a cup of tea while they watched vignettes of the operas that were being learned at that time. The Steel Orchestra will utilize this same practice of conducting a dress rehearsal before small audiences in order to build performance skills and in preparation for the larger live concert performances.

  • The Tea Room will also be a location for social gatherings. It will be opened to the public daily while serving unique foods and beverages. The room will generate revenue by renting its space for tea parties, art events, small intimate weddings and other art or social events. Art works will be displayed in the gallery and will be available for sale to help promote the talents of the artists and to help raise funds for the Opera House.

  • This will be a fully functional business managed by community youth who will learn all aspects of running a business. Students who go through this program will learn entrepreneurial skills intended to transcend into their future careers. The Opera House will partner with youth training programs and youth entrepreneurial programs that train young people in the areas of business management, while instilling an enterprising spirit.



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