Our Goal

We are committed to the full restoration of the National Opera House by mid 2024. To accomplish this goal, we must raise $20 million dollars. 75% of the funds will be used to restore the National Opera House while the remaining 25% will go to programs and operations. Every amount helps us get closer to our goal.


The Opera House located on 7101 Apple Street was acquired by Jonnet Solomon and the late Ms. Miriam White in 2000.
Ms. Solomon is a graduate of Duquesne University and an entrepreneur, purchased the National Opera House in 2000 with the late Ms. Miriam White.

Ms. White was a resident of Homewood for over seventy years and together, they shared a vision and determination to see the National Opera House once again being used to enhance the community. Although her degree was in accounting, Jonnet is a musician and art lover at heart.

With a drive to make a difference and be an active member of her community, the National Opera House proved to be the perfect opportunity to fulfill those goals and to honor the memory of Ms Miriam White.

This phase was completed in 2000.
From the brink of collapsing to now a sturdy structure where hundreds of individuals can assemble at once, The National Opera House reached a major milestone at its stabilization phase in 2022. Structural and roof repairs were the primary tasks during this phase. This phase was completed in 2022 and now we move on to the next phase of the project - The Restoration Phase.


After 20+ years of community support and hard work, the National Opera House was stabilized in 2022.


This restoration phase requires $15 million to complete. With your support, no matter how small, we believe we will achieve success.
The urgent restoration needs of the property starts with reinforcing the structural support, protecting the building from moisture and the clearing of any pests. Our restoration plans honors the historic structure, nature and feel of the facility while creating a functional building for Opera House planned activities and programming. All of the work will be conducted by professional contractors, engineers and architects.

Our team includes skilled artisans from around the country to recreate original architectural and design details such as the front porch, grand entryway staircase, stained glass windows and all of the important details of the house. The current goal is to protect the building from further damage, while not losing critical historical details.

The completed restoration will honor the house’s original design and 40s era updates and provide a fully restored, operational and nationally recognized landmark building.
Preservation Goals:

Preserve significant history by restoring the manor at 7101 Apple Street in Pittsburgh PA. We plan to complete the restoration within 24 months of the project’s start state, while not losing any critical historical details.

Create an economic development strategy through education, job creation and program development.

Provide educational programming and job skills training. Each phase of the process allows for experts to teach, train and mentor a new generation of contractors and craftspeople in the field. This Construction Training Program will not only create jobs, but also access and opportunity.


The National Opera House has spent over $5 million dollars to preserve the arts, culture, and music in underserved communities.



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