Mission Statement: National Opera House will restore and maintain the site of the National Negro Opera Company in order to teach culture through arts and music to the youth of the community.


Public Relations

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The Public Relations committee will consist of individuals with outstanding positive and enthusiastic personalities. These individuals will oversee the dissemination of information concerning National Opera House to the community public and businesses. They will seek to acquaint outsiders with the true spirit and mission of the organization. In addition, they will :

  • Report to the Opera House Committee.
  • Create an annual plan to outline desired Public Relations activities.
  • Make recommendations to the Board as to ways and means to increase the effectiveness and prestige of National Opera House.
  • Advise and assist in all public relations matters.
  • Assist Fundraising Committee in establishing a list of incentives for contributing to National Opera House.
  • Develop and support public outreach programs for the organization. This will include community meetings for adults and potential students.
  • Maintain ongoing relations with the community through various methods to enlist support and preserve open lines of communication.
  • Support the fulfillment of providing financial resources to achieve the organization's mission.
  • Support the implementation of the Fundraising Committee and its purposes.
  • Implement relation-building strategies.
  • Coordinate creation and distribution of periodic newsletter. Solicit articles from Board, Executive Director, students, staff, community members and all committees.
  • Distribution of newsletter and flyers to all individuals that have supported National Opera House, potential supporters and all others that have been approached in any way or have shown interest or encouragement to the organization.
  • Coordinate creation and distribution of National Opera House brochure. Update as necessary.
  • Ensure newspaper, radio and local television coverage of all National Opera House events as appropriate.
  • Prepare press releases and/or public representation for these various media outlets.
  • Work with community businesses in gaining contributions of materials to promote the Opera House. These may include paper supplies, printing, envelopes and other necessary and useful items.
  • Maintain a professional website, Twitter site and Facebook page to promote the overall mission of National Opera House, its programs, performances, recognitions and all other aspects of the organization. Allow for online donations to be made from website.
  • Promote Opera House recruitment.
  • Promote Opera House special events.
  • Provide copies of materials of historic nature to the Historian or History Committee.
  • Work in collaboration with Program Director, staff and other committees to promote their efforts.
  • Other duties as delegated by the Opera House Committee, Board of Directors and Executive Director.