Mission Statement: National Opera House will restore and maintain the site of the National Negro Opera Company in order to teach culture through arts and music to the youth of the community.



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The Program Director will serve as the Chair for the Programs Committee. The committee will :

  • Report to the Opera House Committee.
  • Promote collaboration between the various programs of the organization.
  • Develop annual goals for each National Opera House program.
  • Review all programs to ensure that they remain consistent with the mission of National Opera House.
  • Propose and assist with all program changes and new programs to be offered by National Opera House.
  • Develop program calendar and schedule of events.
  • Acquire instruments, music recording equipment and other necessary items to effectively run the Opera House programs.
  • Ensure the maintenance and repair of all instruments and equipment.
  • Ascertain community needs as related to the organization.
  • Communication with current and future students of the National Opera House programs.
  • Assist with enrollment management of the Opera House programs.
  • Assist with tuition and scholarship management of program participants.
  • Assist the Board of Directors, Opera House Committee and Executive Director to oversee the development, periodic refreshment and implementation of strategic plans.
  • Other duties as delegated by the Opera House Committee, Board of Directors and Executive Director.