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The National Opera House (NOH) is a nonprofit organization based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Our primary mission is to preserve the arts, culture, and music in underserved communities. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

Madam Cardwell Dawson Workforce Development Program

National Opera House Workforce Development Program
10,000+ Hours of Training
Helping to decrease the unemployment crisis in our communities

We have made it our priority to build wealth within underserved communities through our workforce development program. Since its launch, MDM has trained over ten thousand (10,000) training hours under our Construction track, Administrator Track and Management track.

Within the last year we have generated eighteen (18) new jobs through the Madame Dawson Masters program. Sixty-four percent (64%) of the participants that have completed this program have established careers outside of the National Opera House.

It is important to note that individuals developed through the MDM programming created jobs as well by establishing their own businesses and hiring cohort participants.

Arts Keeping

Artskeeping at the National Opera House
22 Members and Growing
Developing opera artists from around the country

While music, dance and design are some of the more obvious skills developed in opera, some more elusive ones include communication, listening, creative problem solving, empathy, confidence and resourcefulness. Opera is also a prime model for collaboration, with each artist working in a particular discipline toward a common goal, envisioning worlds and bringing them into reality.

Woogie Fund

The Woogie Fund
$10,000 Woogie Fund
1st winner received $10,00. Sponsored by strategic partners

William A. “Woogie” Harris was a serial entrepreneur and businessman committed to helping small businesses reach their full potential. He extended his financial resources and his home to other entrepreneurs who lack adequate support to compete in their respective industries.

One example of Woogie’s charitable acts involved the acquisition of the manor on Apple Street in 1930; now known as the National Opera House. He and his wife, Ada B. lived in the home during the more exciting years of the house, in contrast with its earlier “quiet” years. Mr. Harris was known for his generosity.

This $10,000.00 Woogie Fund aims to continue Woogie’s generosity with small businesses and non-profits in communities across the nation.

Manor Club

25 Members
Current Manor Club members count

The Tea Room will represent the endurance of historical reasoning. The original Opera House had a Tea Room that served as a social gathering place to build relationships and share ideas after a hard day of training and practice. The modern day Opera House chooses to carry on that tried and true tradition to support that same camaraderie within the community.



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