Mission Statement: National Opera House will restore and maintain the site of the National Negro Opera Company in order to teach culture through arts and music to the youth of the community.



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The Board Treasurer will serve as the Chair of the Finance Committee. This Chair will have an impressive and adequate knowledge and background in financial matters. All members of the Finance Committee should have at least a moderate knowledge of business finances.

  • Reports to the Opera House Committee, Board of Directors and Executive Director.
  • Provide direction for organization's fiscal responsibility.
  • Regularly review the organization's revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency.
  • Monitor and review income and expenditures.
  • Monitor and maintain records of all revenue including community donations, business donations, gifts and grants.
  • Provide necessary tax deductible receipts for donors.
  • Guide organization's expenditures.
  • Provide internal controls, independent audit and financial analysis for National Opera House.
  • Present a clear and concise oral review of all financial statements and financial reports to the Board of Directors on a periodic basis.
  • Monitor financial trends of the organization, community, state and nation. Determine how these trends may affect the organization and its financial funding.
  • Prepare status reports for the Opera House Committee, Board of Directors and Executive Director.
  • Assist Treasurer and resolve questions related to management of funds.
  • Assist Treasurer in preparing a written annual report each year consisting of all appropriate financial statements and reports.
  • Recommend to the Opera House Committee an appropriate approach for a year-end accounting audit of all in-flow and out-flow of funds.
  • Prepare and approve an annual recommended budget. Consult with all committees for their budgetary input and needs. Submit the approved annual report to the Board for approval.
  • Oversee the financial maintenance of organizational-wide assets, including prudent management of organizational investments.
  • Monthly review of expenses and revenues.
  • Ensure proper expenditures of organizational funds. Provide safeguards to prevent unauthorized and unnecessary expenditures.
  • Other duties as delegated by the Opera House Committee, Board of Directors and Executive Director.