Mission Statement: National Opera House will restore and maintain the site of the National Negro Opera Company in order to teach culture through arts and music to the youth of the community.



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BUDGET COMMITTEE –Finance Ad Hoc Committee

The Budget Committee is a subcommittee of the Finance Committee and also falls under the leadership of the Board Treasurer.

  • Reports to the Finance Committee and the Opera House Committee.
  • Establish an annual budget for the organization.
  • Review budgetary needs and requirements of each segment of the program while defining priorities.
  • Ensure that the budget for National Opera House supports the organization's mission.
  • Encourage efficient and effective execution of the budget toward the achievement of optimal performance levels of the National Opera House.
  • Establish broad financial policies and review how those policies are implemented.
  • Strive to optimize the limited financial resources available to meet the goals of the Opera House. Identify potential areas for cost saving analysis or more effective use of resources.
  • Evaluate and implement opportunities for a more effective budget process.
  • Review the operating budget to make decisions and recommendations concerning the allocation of available funds.
  • Review requests for budget changes.
  • Review financial reports prepared for management review. Take action when significant deviations are shown.
  • Resolve budgetary difficulties and disputes between organizational members and committees.
  • Identify patterns of change in the organization's operating environment that may impact the budget significantly.
  • Participate in the design and implementation of plans for acquiring additional resources.
  • Other duties as delegated by the Opera House Committee, Board of Directors and Executive Director.