Mission Statement: National Opera House will restore and maintain the site of the National Negro Opera Company in order to teach culture through arts and music to the youth of the community.



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ADVISORY COMMITTEE-Jonnet Solomon-Nowlin

The Advisory Committee will consist of a group of unique individuals that are experts in their fields and are not currently serving on the Board or other committees. They will serve as mentors for the National Opera House and will advise the organization in their particular areas of expertise. This non-governing committee carries an advisory capacity and has no authority to implement plans or actions without the approval of the Opera House Committee.

The Committee Chair will outline the accomplishments and priorities of the organization. They will :

  • Report to the Opera House Committee.
  • Share professional opinions and perspectives, while making non-biased recommendations.
  • Assist in the creation of policies that provide direction and support for the organization's staff.
  • Study critical issues, gain opinions and review current information in order to discuss, formulate and bring forth well developed and thoughtful recommendations in a timely manner.
  • Propose periodic work plans for consideration. These plans may consider goals, priorities, budgets and staffing.
  • Take on projects as assigned by Board of Directors and Opera House Committee.
  • Provide positive community reputations to enhance the appeal of the National Opera House.
  • Develop public relations strategies and recommend beneficial resources.
  • Spread positive and enthusiastic information related to the National Opera House to the community.
  • Assist in fundraising efforts for the organization.
  • Other duties as delegated by the Opera House Committee, Board of Directors and Executive Director.