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The National Opera House (NOH) is a nonprofit organization based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Our primary mission is to preserve the arts, culture, and music in underserved communities. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

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Restore The National Opera House

We are fortunate to have gained the support of community leaders and strategic partners in the effort to restore, protect and preserve this monumental heritage; reclaiming its original beauty and purpose.


The National Opera House, formally known as the National Negro Company was started by Madame Mary Cardwell Dawson, who envisioned a space for the arts, music, education, and culture all to assemble and enjoy various experiences.

Madame Mary Cardwell Dawson and the National Opera house
The National Opera House


The overwhelming support from donors, volunteers, and strategic partners continues to propel the National Opera House’s agenda.  We are forever grateful to all who committed their time and resources to get us here.   Thank You.

Down Memory Lane

The amazing history of the National Opera House embodies the extraordinary legacies of  businessman William Woogie Harris, and businesswoman Madame Mary Cardwell Dawson.

History - National Opera House
The Woogie Fund

The Woogie Fund

William A. “Woogie” Harris was a serial entrepreneur and businessman committed to helping small businesses. This $10,000.00 Woogie Fund aims to continue Woogie’s generosity with small businesses in communities across the nation.


The National Opera House at 7101 Apple St. is a place of enormous cultural and historical significance both for the Pittsburgh region and for the nation. 

Our Goal

We are committed to the full restoration of the National Opera House by mid 2024. To accomplish this goal, we must raise $20 million dollars. 75% of the funds will be used to restore the National Opera House while the remaining 25% will go to programs and operations. Every amount helps us get closer to our goal.



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